Chatham Emergency Services Update

By Carey Ruppert -
Chief, Southside Division

Peace of Mind in a Tamper-Proof Box

Anytime our personnel are dispatched on an emergency call, whether it is for a fire or medical emergency, our goal is to assess the situation, identify the problem, and mitigate the risk as soon as possible. Rapid response and aggressive action greatly enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome. To put it simply, the faster we can get to a problem, the better chance we have of fixing it.

Unfortunately, we often arrive on the scene to find the house or business tightly locked with no apparent means of entry. Regardless of whether this is due to the homeowner being out of town or lying incapacitated on the floor, our ability to respond quickly to an emergency is severely impacted. Ultimately, if we feel it is necessary, we will forcibly enter the structure. This can be a laborious process and likely will result in property damage.

A simple way to ensure that emergency responders have rapid access to your property is to install a Knox HomeBox. The Knox HomeBox is a highly secure key safe that is mounted to the exterior of your home or business and can be opened only by fire or emergency medical personnel. All you have to do is purchase the box (either online or over the phone), have it installed, and secure your key inside. This is a one-time purchase, and there is no monitoring fee.

You can purchase a Knox HomeBox online or by phone ( or at 1-855-GET-KNOX). Follow the directions to select your State, City, and Community and purchase your preferred model (we suggest a wall mounted model). Models range in price from $167 to $183. Your box will be shipped to your home address in about 10 business days. Once you receive your HomeBox, you may install it yourself or have a contractor or handyman do it for you. Personnel at Fire Station 5 on McWhorter Drive can provide the name and contact information of an experienced installer.

Once your Knox HomeBox is installed, call our Dispatch office (912- 355-6688) and ask to have your Knox HomeBox locked. One of our engines will be sent to your location on a non-emergency basis to secure your key inside the box. Along with your key, you also should include any relevant alarm codes, contact information, and the number and type of pets in your home.To be clear, Chatham Emergency Services does not profit in any way from the purchase or installation of your Knox HomeBox. Our only benefit is easy access to your property in the event of an emergency.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to email me (

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