Security Update

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

March is a time for celebration, with many special days to celebrate, such as the first official day of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and even offbeat “holidays” like Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day. March also is a special month for me for a few reasons. Not only is it my sixth anniversary with The Landings Association, but I also am blessed to celebrate another year on this awesome planet, albeit on the downside of the mountain now. Additionally, we celebrate my contributions to the U.S. Air Force and the contributions of all our military personnel towards this great country’s democracy. No matter which side of the fence you choose regarding the Incorporation issue, it is rewarding to see democracy in action and citizens exercising their right to vote. Some would even say it is a citizen’s civic duty.

While we are on the topic of Incorporation, you can see how Skidaway Island crime stats measures up to other cities in Georgia in the chart below. According to an article written by Carolyn Cunningham, for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked Kennesaw as the fifth safest city in Georgia on its 2019 Safest Cities in Georgia list. Holly Springs ranked first, Braselton second, Milton third, and Johns Creek fourth.

We conducted our own analysis through Neighborhood Scout (, which gathers crime statistics from various sources, including the FBI’s 2017 Crime Index. Gathering data from these various sources results in a highly accurate crime data set that is comparable nationally. Their crime data includes Property Crimes (burglary, larceny/theft, and vehicle theft) and Violent Crimes (homicide, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault). The statistics quoted in Carolyn Cunningham’s article were based only on the FBI’s 2017 statistics, and the statistics from Neighborhood Scout were slightly different. Ultimately, the net result was the same five cities albeit in a different order.

Although Skidaway Island ranks well in comparison, we still have some work to do on Property Crimes, primarily thefts. As indicated by SCMPD a few years back, more than 70% of the arrests made for crimes committed within the community were vendors, guests, or residents. We ranked third for Violent Crimes, which unfortunately includes domestic-related assaults.

I am sad to report that we had a recent rash of vandalism to mailboxes. In a single evening on February 13, more than 35 mailboxes were damaged by an unknown party. Due to several factors, including timeframe and location, it is believed a resident or guest may have caused the damage. I agree that it is hard to imagine and truly disappointing! As a friendly reminder, The Landings Association and The Landings Club have a zero-tolerance policy against vandalism, and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Residents ultimately are responsible for their guests and vendors. Sponsoring a guest or vendor that causes such damage could leave you on the hook for making restitution.

On a more positive note, not only is March a time for celebration, but it also is a time for many outdoor events to take place. One such event is the Skidaway Island Marathon, which will take place throughout our community on Saturday, March 23. The route will be the same as the previous four years and can be found online at Residents can receive up to a 25% discount with the code RESIDENT if you want to sign up for a 5K, Half, or Full Marathon. Motorists are asked to exercise extreme caution during this event. Although roads will not be closed during this event, the southbound lane on McWhorter Drive will have limited access at the beginning of the race which starts at UGA at 7 a.m. Additionally, the Marshwood ACF (North Gate) will restrict inbound and outbound traffic periodically at the start of the race between 7:10 and 8:10 a.m. If possible, please avoid these areas during these times and come out to cheer on the participants!

Another great event in March is Web.Com’s Savannah Golf Championship at Deer Creek. You can learn more about this event by visiting The event this year certainly promises to be as exciting as the one last year, with a Military Appreciation Day on Saturday, March 30. Do not be alarmed when you see tanks, helicopters, military equipment, and heavy machinery entering the community at 0-Dark Thirty (that would be 5 a.m. civilian time). Please come out to thank the troops for their contributions towards the right to vote and our great democratic country and enjoy a great day of the next professional golfers! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Tournament Directory Cheyenne Overby (

Respectfully yours,

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