Behind the scenes with Public Works: Perimeter Fence Cutbacks

The Landings Association has approximately 12 miles of perimeter fencing located throughout the community. As part of our landscape contract, BrightView trims and cuts all vegetation 5” inches in diameter or less on each side (1.5 feet on each side of fencing) of the perimeter fencing on Landings Association common property. BrightView conducts this maintenance on an annual basis during the months of October through March, and all material is removed from the worksite daily.

Perimeter fence cutbacks are conducted annually to ensure that vegetative overgrowth does not encompass the fencing in any way. The proper amount of space around the fencing allows Public Works staff to make necessary repairs and/or replacements as needed throughout the year. During the cutbacks, BrightView crews also compile a list of areas wherein breaks in the fencing have occurred and/or require certain repairs. A comprehensive list of the suggested repairs/replacements is provided to Public Works each day.

The next time you see BrightView crews in their yellow safety vests near perimeter fencing, know that they are hard at work making the necessary yearly cutbacks!

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