Security Update

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

A HUGE thank you to the thousands of residents who have registered their golf carts with The Landings Association (TLA). As a refresher, Operation Happy Trails started in January 2015 when the Association began registering all golf carts regardless of if they are Club Member or Non-Member vehicles. You can find more information about The Landings’ Rules and Regulations for golf carts are on page 42 of the 2019 Landings Residential Directory (the new directories should begin hitting mailboxes this month). Any violation of The Landings Association’s Rules and Regulations are subject to fines, and the rules for golf carts are no different. However, we hope to see the number of fines associated with this simple rule decrease in 2019. Registering your golf cart never has been easier! Simply complete the golf cart registration form online (, and a member of the Security Department will contact you to set up an appointment for your courtesy inspection and placement of your decals. We will come to your home on the day of your appointment to complete the process. All you need to do is show the officer current proof of insurance (coverage of not less than $300,000). Easy, right? The best part is there is no fee to register your cart with the Association, and you only need to do it once unless you purchase a new cart.

One area of confusion continues to be that The Landings Association and The Landings Club (TLC) are two separate entities. Although we partner with TLC in several areas, we have different assessments, budgets, and capital projects as well as a different Board of Directors and leadership. Shari Haldeman is the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer for the Association, and Steven Freund is the Executive Director for the Club.

Consequently, we also have separate golf cart registrations. The Landings Association’s registration is for all privately-owned carts operated on community paths, while The Landings Club’s registration is for their golf courses. As seen below, our decals are different from those of the Club as well. We issue three decals with the same registration number and place them on the front and both sides of the golf cart.The Club issues a yearly Private Cart decal indicating that the Golf Member has enrolled in the program for the year and is paying the associated monthly or annual fees. Additionally, your cart must be registed with the Assocition before you can receive your Club Private Cart decal. If you do not have Landings Association decals on your cart or you have altered your decals from those originally issued to you, then you are not registered properly. For your cart to be registered properly, all three decals must be displayed, and they must be the original size. Again, it is simple to register or get new decals if you altered the original, so contact us today to make your cart TLA official! If you have questions regarding golf cart registration, contact Landings Security ( or 912-598-2661).

The Landings Association's Golf Cart Registraion decals           








The Landings Club's Annual Trail decal








Over the years, I have written numerous articles about golf cart safety. We even have a Golf Cart Safety video which you can find on The Landings Association’s YouTube Channel ( Sadly, I fear the drivers who would benefit the most from a refresher either do not read my column or do not heed my requests. I urge all drivers to please slow down and give pedestrians and cyclists due care. In short, slow down, show respect, be courteous, and be safe.

While we are focused on vehicles and traffic, I dedicated some time recently to traffic observation and compliance. Surprisingly, most of the drivers whom we stopped for exceeding the posted speed limit did not know the speed limit on Westcross Road. As seen in The Landings Rules and Regulations on page 41 of the 2019 Residential Directory under Section F. Vehicles, Item 2, “The speed limit at The Landings, unless posted otherwise, is 30 MPH.” Interestingly, a speed limit sign was less than a few hundred yards from where we clocked the drivers traveling at more than 36 MPH on our LIDAR unit.

As I am sure you are aware, there have been multiple reports of sick or dying raccoons in The Landings during the last few months. As we learned during a recent meeting with Chatham County Animal Services Director, Dr. Jake Harper, Animal Services is responsible for domestic animal issues such as cats and dogs, and wildlife falls under the Department of Natural Resources. However, Dr. Harper and his team continue to prioritize their calls and, almost on a daily basis, respond to assist us and all of Chatham County with these wildlife calls. It is inspiring to see such synergy in addressing an issue.


Tim Cook


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