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By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo

The Landings Company and Our Community’s Sales Finish Strong!

Our marketing firm, Wyse Agency, continues to do a phenomenal job promoting our community and leveraging the limited marketing budget that we have. We continue to be on pace for the goal of 750 annual Discovery Visit registrations with actual February, March, and April Discovery Visit bookings following suit! Wyse is working with us to raise the bar to specifically reach a higher financial demographic in our key geographic feeder markets and those buyers who have an inclination towards the great features of The Landings…golf, court sports, wellness, walking trails, sustainability/nature, boating, social interaction and connectivity, and so much more.

We also are pleased with The Landings Club’s decision to hire Wyse and look forward to the synergies certain to be created, therefore expanding our collective marketing to an even broader audience. Our 2018 performance highlights include the following:

  • 300 homes sold and closed in The Landings versus 262 in 2017, for a 15% increase. This is the best pace for any year since 2005.
  • 210 (or 70%) were listed by the Company, which is more than eight times our nearest competitor.
  • 114 of the 300 homes sold and closed were listed at more than $500k. This is up 13% from 2017. We represented 83 (or 73%) of those sellers and nearly seven times our nearest competitor.
  • 34 homes listed at more than $750k sold in The Landings, which is the highest year for such sales since 2006.
  • The homes that we listed and then sold did so with 12% fewer days required on the market as compared to our competitive set.
  • We can do more!

Although this year was tremendous by virtually every measurement, inventories grew at or near the pace of sales. This increased supply along with the increased sales means the demand is just keeping up with supply. We need to find an even larger number of buyers to achieve the home appreciation values we all would like to see.

We sincerely appreciate your support in making 2018 such a great year by choosing to list your home, buy your home, and refer your friends and family to the Company. We hope you’ll do the same this year.

With each sale, we increase the marketing dollars we can spend to raise the recognition of The Landings and thus enhance all of our property values.

Let’s help others to Start Living in 2019!




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