Show Off Your Skidaway Wave


Landings Wavers, you’re doing a terrific job passing around our Landings’ Signature Wave on the cart path, at the harbor, in the pharmacy, on a walk, riding your bike, at Publix, enjoying the playground, on the Nature Trail, and all places in between. Now let’s share your great wave with the rest of the community!

Take a photo or video of you alone or with your friends or family – all ages and sizes and groups. Be creative and fun and friendly. Send your photo or video to The best will be posted on the Courtesy web site

Who are the best and brightest wavers in The Landings – the youngsters, the GenX, Y (Millenials), or Z-ers, or the folks who’ve been here the shortest or the longest. Come on. You’ve seen our wave. Now, let’s see yours!!!!!

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