Slow Down and Watch Your Speed

Wed, 02/21/2024

Safety on the roads in The Landings is a top priority for The Landings Association and for many members, according to the results of the 2023 Community Survey.

Earlier this year, Landings Security began an education campaign to remind residents and their guests, as well as vendors and staff, to slow down to enhance the safety of our community. Using the TrafficLogix Guardian Pro speed detection system, which is equipped with LIDAR and a camera, Security can identify those exceeding the speed limit, which is 30 MPH unless otherwise posted.

Violators receive a courtesy notice for the first violation. However, habitual violators and those greatly exceeding posted speed limits will be fined. Click here to view TLA's 2024 Fees and Fine Schedule. As mentioned in January’s General Manager’s Update, this is not a money-making endeavor. The goal is not to fine anyone, but rather ask that you consider your safety and that of your neighbors as you travel the island in your vehicles, including golf carts. Accidents can happen quickly, and those where high speeds are involved often do not end well.

According to 2023 data from Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), 73 percent of fatalities in crashes are caused by unsafe driving behaviors, including distractions, impairment, or driving too fast for conditions.

Please slow down and take the time to enjoy this great community where you live, keeping safety top of mind.












Graphic Courtesy of GDOT


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