Show Some Kindness for a Chance to Go Bananas!

TLA’s Courtesy Subcommittee

Who knew that Random Act of Kindness Day falls in the same week as Valentine’s Day this year!? It’s like having cake and ice cream sans the calories and sugar rush and the good feelings are guaranteed to last longer, too!

Random Act of Kindness Day is Saturday (February 17), and it is the perfect time to make a point to do something kind for someone you know or someone you’ve never even met. While you are at it, take a quick photo or video and tag and follow us on Instagram @ TLAUpdates. If social media isn’t your thing, simply send a brief description of your experience, a photo, or a short video to for consideration of posting. Submissions must be received by March 25 for a chance to be entered in a random drawing to win four tickets to the sold-out Savannah Bananas Game on April 5.

If you need a little “kind-spiration”, visit our Courtesy Webpage ( where we post articles, inspirational thoughts, pictures, videos, and more that showcase courtesy in The Landings and beyond. 

Go ahead and get out there and do something awesome! We are 99.9 percent sure you WILL like how it makes you feel, and you could even inspire others to join you. After all, Happiness is a Courteous Community!

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