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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Hurricane Idalia Clean-up

The Public Works Department, BrightView, and its contractors continue to work to remove the downfall and debris on the primary rights-of-way (road shoulders and center islands), community paths, and common properties.   Crews continue to focus on piling the smaller branches and debris from the roadways utilizing grapples to remove the piles generated. Once the smaller debris is removed from the roadways, the street sweeper will come through thereafter to sweep the streets. Please use caution in and around the work areas.
















Landings Harbor Parking Lot Project

Staff, in conjunction with Absolute Concrete, began working on the Landings Harbor Parking Lot renovation this week with the addition of golf cart parking spaces. After this phase has been completed, staff and its contractors will work on the realignment of the parking lot.

Landlovers Bench Installation Project

In-house staff continue working on the bench installations that were generously donated by Landlovers. This week staff installed two benches along Delegal Road and one at the Peregrine Crossing Shellrake.

Landings Harbor Marina Repairs

In-house staff are in the process of repairing the split-rail fence and torn screens at the fish cleaning station at Landings Harbor Marina. These areas sustained damage as a result of Hurricane Idalia. 

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