Landlovers Awards TLA Grant for Benches and Swings

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

The Landings Association (TLA) recently received a grant from Landings Landlovers to purchase park benches and swings to be placed on common property throughout the island.

Several members of TLA’s Board and staff attended a reception held by Landlovers on Tuesday, May 16 to accept the grant.

At the reception, Landlovers presented $133,799 in grants and scholarships. Landlovers President Chris Lanigan shared with the group that this is the largest amount of money to date that Landlovers has ever awarded. Benefitting from the funds were five scholarship recipients, one Merit Award recipient, and 14 grant recipients, including The Landings Association.

“Our Landlovers Scholarships are designed to assist The Landings Association and The Landings Company employees and their dependents with expenses associated with post-secondary education,” Lanigan told the group. “Landlovers also gives grants to local nonprofits for projects and services that benefit Skidaway Island residents. We are extremely proud to give these awards this evening.”

Landings Association Board President Herman Stone (pictured at right holding the Landlovers Grant) accepted the award on behalf of the Association.

 “By presenting this grant for the purchase and installation of benches and swings, I firmly believe that Landlovers is helping to improve the quality of life for our residents, and also helping us foster a culture of well-being while promoting a healthy lifestyle,” Stone said. “As I envision this, these benches and swings will serve as places to take a rest and also serve as gathering spots, where neighbors can connect, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us.”

Landings Association General Manager/COO Karl Stephen agreed with Stone that the addition of the benches and swings will greatly enhance the look of the community and offer the opportunity to stop, take a break, and enjoy the beauty of The Landings.

“We thank Landlovers for this grant that will be used for items that will benefit the entire community,” Stephens said. “We are fortunate to have many organizations in The Landings like Landlovers that are filled with members who exercise responsibility and accountability and display their commitment to making a difference. They truly are the foundation of our community, and we cannot thank them enough.”

Public Works Director Sean Burgess shared that the benches will be 6’ powder coated, aluminum frame, plaza benches with recycled plastic planks mounted on a concrete slab.  Barring any manufacturer delays, the benches and swings should be installed by this fall.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Landlovers to provide benches and swings through this generous grant,” Burgess said. “I have no doubt the benches and swings will be appreciated and used by many in the community for many years to come.”

   Lanigan wrapped up the reception by reiterating what a pleasure it is for Landlovers to give back to the community.

   “We are so happy to have been able to fund all these projects that you’ve heard about this evening,” she said. “We look forward to seeing you next year and learning about the new, fun things you come up with by then.”

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