General Manager's Update

Karl Stephens -
General Manager/COO

Dear Landings Association Members,

This is an exciting time for our community. Owners soon will have the opportunity to vote to ensure the continued prosperity of The Landings. For our newer owners, we are unique, in that to increase our required Annual Dues, we need approval from at least two-thirds of owners who vote.

This vote is about maintaining our infrastructure and service levels. It is not about adding services or expanding amenities. The Landings is a beautiful community that has been welcoming residents and guests since 1972. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary last year, and we must keep our community in top shape for the next 50 years, to remain competitive with other large, newer developments.

Voting packets will be mailed March 15. When you receive your packet, please review it, and then vote promptly. We need at least 60% of all owners to vote. You can learn more details and watch a brief video overview at Please email any questions to

The Landings Association’s annual paving project has gotten off to a good start this year. We’ve had tremendous success working with our vendor over the last few years, and even had a contract with no increase last year. This year, though, asphalt costs are up 11.4%, as the inflation that many had predicted in early 2022 would be temporary, has proven to be quite stubborn.

Another project you soon will notice is fiber internet being installed by Coastal Communications. Coastal Communications plans to begin installing the “backbone” of the network within the next month. The project is scheduled to be completed within 14 months. This does not replace Comcast, but just provides an alternative. As part of the agreement, Coastal Communications also will install eight new Wi-Fi hotspot nodes where cellular connectivity is less robust, allowing Wi-Fi calling in those locations. We will provide more details as the project gets underway.

A final project of note is the current installation of a “bubbler” curtain in the Landings Harbor Marina basin. Each year, we must dredge that basin to allow our boaters to come and go from the marina. The hope with this bubbler curtain is that it will prevent much of the accumulation of silt within the basin, thereby decreasing the amount of dredging that is required. Georgia Department of Natural Resources has issued a research and monitoring permit to study the effects of the bubbler curtain over a two-year period.

If you ever need something, please let me know ( And please cast a “Yes” ballot for the Annual Dues Vote!


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