On the Waterfront


Landings Harbor Marina

Normal Operating Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily











Landings Harbor Dry Storage Project 

The dry rack demolition has been completed, and the old foundations are in the process of being removed. The next step will be to construct new foundations and grade beams for the new building. We have temporarily relocated boats to unoccupied slips and on ground-level wash racks throughout the marina property. There is limited access to many of them, and we have asked for a couple hours’ notice from our boaters so we can accommodate boat move requests in a timely manner. We anticipate Phase One of the project to be complete before Memorial Day weekend.











Landings Harbor Bubbler Curtain Project 

Georgia Department of Natural Resources has issued a research and monitoring permit to study the effects of a bubbler curtain deployed in the entrance to the enclosed basin over a two-year period. The equipment for the bubbler curtain being installed at Landings Harbor Marina is expected to arrive by Friday, February 24. Installation is being scheduled immediately thereafter. This project will determine if the bubbler curtain reduces the amount of material entering the basin that requires annual dredging. These bubbler curtains have been successful in preventing seaweed and floating debris from entering a protected area.

Landings Harbor Store

Last call to take advantage of the “Sweetheart of a Sale,” ending February 28. Shop the 40% off clearance rack and select specially priced items. We’re super excited to share information regarding the newly designed items for the upcoming season very soon. Stay tuned!

It’s that time of year again when those pesky sand gnats start showing up again! I know you’ve heard people at the playground and parks talking about that “purple bottle” bug spray! Well, we have it in our store! Created by Landings residents who are pharmacists, Mad Pharmacist insect repellant is what you need to keep those bugs from ruining your outside activities.

A new flavor of Leopold’s single serve cups has just arrived -- Cookies! This is their premium cookie ice cream infused with clusters of chocolate chip cookie dough. All your other favorites are restocked, too! Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Coffee, Butter Pecan, and Peanut Butter Chippy.










The Landings Sailing Club 

Frostbite Race #5 was held last weekend. It was one long race in windy conditions with 15 boats racing. Our very own Scholar came out on top for the Rhodes 19 division.

There was a Racing Rules at the Start Workshop that more than 18 sailors attended. This is the second in a series of three workshops focusing on RRS.








Landings Harbor Storage 

The Landings Harbor Marina dry storage is at full capacity. Recent departures have left a few slips open that we are going to use temporarily to help stage boats while we work through the dry rack project. The wet slips and jet ski spaces are 100% full. We continue to maintain a waiting list for all slips and will fill the slips as available.


Landings Dry Storage Activity 










Delegal Creek Marina

Operating Hours 9 AM – 5 PM Daily

Markers #1 and #2 that mark the entrance to Delegal Creek have been replaced, with #4 and the "No Wake Zone" markers to follow soon. 

The electrical project for B dock is scheduled to resume in March. 

This past week, we had extreme tide changes, causing Delegal Creek to flow harder than usual and making kayaking nearly impossible. It also made it a bit challenging for some of our newer boaters here in the creek. This weekend, the tides will start to ease, making it more suitable for kayaking. The entrance to the creek will also have more water and, therefore, will be less challenging for boaters to enter. If you're so inclined to check the tides in the future, Vernon View/Burnside River at saltwatertides.com is the most accurate for Delegal Creek. 

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