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Road Work to Begin on Monday, December 12

Weather permitting, beginning Monday, December 12, a portion of Marburg Lane (just the circle) and the entire asphalt surface of Nathanael Lane and Marsh Elder Lane will be milled. Then the milled surfaces on all three roads will be repaved. Barring any delays, we anticipate the work to take approximately two days to complete.

Please note that milling and paving equipment may be staged on the street(s) during the construction. The road(s) will not be closed completely during the milling phase; however, they may be temporarily restricted at times. You will experience delays during the construction hours, so please plan accordingly.

During the paving phase, the entry and exit lanes will be restricted to US Mail delivery and emergency vehicles, depending on the progress of the paving. TLA staff, along with the contractor, will try to accommodate residents on the paving day, but delays are expected.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support of this project as we continue to improve the roads and infrastructure throughout the community. Should you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact the Public Works Office ( or 912-598-5509).

Road Tree Pruning Program – Palmetto

Staff continued the Annual Road Cutbacks program this week. This program is completed inhouse and encompasses lifting the canopies up over the roadways to provide proper heights for emergency vehicles and other large vehicles within the community. Staff are currently working in the Palmetto phase of the community.

Lagoon Cutbacks – Oakridge

Staff began working on lagoon cutbacks in the Oakridge phase of the community this week. As a reminder, this program is completed inhouse and encompasses the uplifting of vegetation overhanging the lagoons along with the removal of woody and new growth around the lagoon banks. This is completed annually to improve the aesthetics of the lagoon while keeping the lagoon banks clear enough to allow adequate access for lagoon maintenance personnel. To date, the lagoon cutbacks in Moon River and Deer Creek have been completed.

Gatehouse Turf Pigmentation

This week, BrightView painted the turfed areas around the gatehouses. Painting the turfed areas allows for a more aesthetic look during the winter months when the turf is dormant, while cutting down on the amount of watering/chemical use that would be needed for overseeding the turf. This service is included within the annual contract with BrightView Landscapes.

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