President's Update 9-28-2022

By Mark Winters -
President, The Landings Association

Hi-di-ho Neighbor. These were the words spoken by Wilson, a character on the TV show Home Improvement. If you regularly watched this popular show, I am sure you looked forward to the portion of each episode when Wilson would give this greeting to his neighbor, Tim Taylor, across their shared fence. Wilson always seemed to give good, common sense words of wisdom in a folksy manner to Tim as they shared life experiences. This concept of speaking to our neighbors in a friendly manner as we share life’s journey is nothing new to the American Experience. It has been part of our culture to help one another and be a neighbor who genuinely cares about those living next door, across the street, and down the road. We have many people in The Landings who are such neighbors. The list is long of neighbors who volunteer with various groups such as those who assisted TLA staff in making The Landings’ 50th Anniversary Celebration a wonderful community event. I thank those neighbors for their friendly contributions to our island.

We have this wonderful island community because of such neighbors. This makes The Landings a pleasant place in which to share life’s journey with each other as well as a place to be that friendly neighbor offering greetings across shared property lines. Many of our neighbors offer a helping hand to assist through volunteerism or simply as the person next door. As a child, my Momma and Daddy taught me these behaviors were expected and valued. When I became a Boy Scout, I was taught that a Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, HelpfulFriendly, CourteousKindObedientCheerfulThriftyBraveClean, and Reverent. Recently, we have seen this type of behavior expressed as codes by which we should live. They are espoused in books such as All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.

This week, a wise man shared these concepts with The Landings Association’s Board of Directors in the form of a Ranch Code which is shared by many homeowners’ associations out West. This Ranch Code by Anthony R. Moiso states:

Take care of the land.
Neighbors help neighbors.
Be hospitable to strangers.
Take care of business.
Take pride in your work.
Make your handshake your bond.
Act with courage.
Have a kind word ready.
Ride for the brand.
Have fun along the way

Throughout these formal codes or life lessons, we see a very common thread, which is to be the type of person who is truly a good neighbor. To live by such concepts or codes may have us volunteer with groups to help each other. Most importantly, to live by these concepts should have us offer a friendly wave, a kind word, and to be that neighbor who stretches out a helping hand not just when asked for but also when someone who lives next door, across the street, or down the road is in need.

As we begin the next 50 years at The Landings, let us strive to embody the spirit of community where neighbors help neighbors. Let us remember that what makes The Landings an exquisite place to live is more than the natural beauty and the activities we love. The real charm of The Landings comes from the people…people who live by an unwritten code of civility, volunteerism, and being a good neighbor.

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