TLA Board Accepting Nominations

Mon, 06/27/2022

By Judy Monaco -

Landings Association Board Nominating Committee Chair

It is that time of year again for The Landings Association (TLA) to accept nominations for the 2023 Board of Directors. Last year, we had a phenomenal amount of interest, and our committee had the difficult task of narrowing down some very qualified residents to the six who would ultimately run. I am happy to say that many of the others went on to join TLA committees.

Serving on the Board is a commitment and a responsibility, but it also is very fulfilling work. The good news is, as an active member of the Board, you still will have plenty of time to enjoy the Landings lifestyle. In fact, one of our current Board members holds a full-time job, and two of us run consulting businesses, yet we have time for TLA-related business and leisure activities.

Ask anyone who has ever served on TLA’s Board if they regretted it, and I’ll bet it would be hard to find someone who says yes. Here is what our three newest Board Directors have to say about their experience:

“When I was asked to apply for a position on TLA’s Board, I immediately had many questions about the time commitment, support for the Board’s work, and the culture of both the Association’s staff and Board Directors. As I went through the thorough nomination, election, and process of taking office, I have been very gratified to learn of the very strong TLA staff and overall dynamics of the organization that results in well-conceived and planned actions for our community. Additionally, there are many qualified volunteers working on our committees who have real experience in the many issues facing our Association. They are such valuable resources! Our future needs interested and engaged residents to contribute to our community. Seeking to serve as a Board Director is an exciting path to make an even better TLA.” Bill Bina

“Being on TLA’s Board is rewarding and has enhanced the retirement phase of my life. Shanti and I moved to The Landings not knowing what to expect or what would keep us mentally engaged following a rewarding lifetime of raising a family and maintaining professionally fulfilling careers. For me, TLA’s Board has proven to be very inspirational and rewarding. As we all know, The Landings is full of great physical and outdoor activities, but the opportunity on the Board allows me to use and enhance my intellectual capabilities while helping our community. I very much enjoy the opportunity to meet smart people with like interests and, quite frankly, have fun. Working as a Board member is no joke. However, there is definitely an adrenaline rush associated with making important decisions that will have significant impacts on our entire community. TLA has a smart, well-managed, and productive staff, and as a result, the role of a TLA Board Director is primarily oversight. As a Board Director, I work to get up to speed on the important issues, and discuss the issues with TLA staff, other Board Directors, and members of the committees I serve. Then I cast my vote. If you care about The Landings, like helping fellow residents, like to solve problems, and want the opportunity to learn more about our community, I suggest you give serious thought to applying for a Board position.” - Herman Stone

“I’m honored to be a member of TLA’s Board. As a first-year Director, I’ve been in 'learning mode' since being elected. Our General Manager and exceptional TLA administrative staff have made that learning process easy, as have TLA's President and other Board Directors. This community is our home now, and I believe it is my responsibility to assist in supporting this special place to live. The dedicated, collaborative efforts of TLA’s administrative team and the engagement of volunteer members of the Board are why the Landings lifestyle is so special. I look forward to serving with future members who are equally committed to ensuring the success of this wonderful community. - Cary A. Shapoff

The Landings is a unique community with many talented individuals, many of whom already have served on the Association’s Board and others who would make perfect additions to our team of Directors. However, it is incumbent upon my fellow residents to realize that they can be a part of the positive change they wish to see in The Landings. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. Join the team!

Remember, you also can nominate a friend or neighbor who you believe would be a good addition to the Association’s Board. To submit a Board Candidate Application, click hereThe deadline for applications is July 11. You also can learn more and become more involved by applying to serve on any of our committees. To submit a Committee Application, please click

If you have questions or concerns, please contact any Board Director or email me ( to discuss your interest in serving or to recommend others.


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