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Heat Safety

In support of our Strategic Plan strategy to strive to be known as an “employer of choice” in the Savannah area, last month the Public Works Department held a safety meeting centered around how to stay hydrated and prevent heat related injuries during in the summer months. A representative from St. Joseph Candler was the guest speaker and provided tips to prevent heat strokes and dehydration when working outdoors. After the meeting, staff ordered No Salt as a substitute for regular table salt, which is suggested as a Sodium-Free alternative (potassium based) for electrolyte replacement. The training has come in handy during this recent heatwave.

Tidewater Square Maintenance

Absolute Concrete completed the installation of the walkways and path system in Tidewater Square this week. Staff also installed a solar flashing light to notify oncoming pedestrian traffic of the new traffic flow throughout the square. Over the next couple of weeks, staff and BrightView will work to regrade the area in preparation for the installation of sod.

2022 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete began the replacement of some of the community path panels in Moon River this week. Approximately 200 feet will be replaced, as the concrete plant had a formula issue resulting in immediate cracking after the concrete cured. Thomas Concrete will absorb all costs associated with replacement.

Lagoon Dredging Lagoon #4

Estate Management began dredging Lagoon 4 (Priest Landings Drive/Marsh Tower Lane lagoon that discharges into the marsh near the Marsh Tower) using the SOX shoreline stabilization system. There are three locations along Lagoon 4 near the community path where this system will be utilized. This project is anticipated to take three-to four weeks to complete, weather permitting.

CCA Annual Juvenile Seining Program

This week, CCA completed the Annual Juvenile Seining Program. The Juvenile Seining Program, along with the Annual Electrofishing Program, is a type of sampling that provides an indication of the health of the fishery in a particular lagoon. Seining involves dragging a large mesh net, called a seine, through a shallow portion of a lagoon to gain a representative sample of fish. The data gathered can indicate the types of fish species living in the system along with the reproductive success of fish species in the system. When the data is collected year over year, it can help provide the improving or declining trajectory of a particular lagoon’s fishery.

2022 HVAC Unit Replacements

On Wednesday, Climatech, our current HVAC service provider, installed the new Split Air Unit in the Main Access Control facility. Staff will monitor the installation of each unit (Public Works building HVAC unit, TLA Conference Room HVAC unit, and the Main Access Control IT Room Split Air unit) over the next few weeks to ensure the new units are fully operational.

Generator Testing

On Tuesday, Calvin Riggins, the Public Works Fleet Coordinator, and Chuck Bolen, Facilities staff member, tested the transfer to temporary power for the generators at the North Access Control Facility and the Administration Building. The generators are crucial to our buildings, as they supply auxiliary power during power outages. During the testing process, the automatic transfer switch to TLA’s Administration Building generator was inoperable. ESSE (Energy Systems Southeast), our current service provider, was contacted to repair the unit. In the interim, staff are able to manually transfer power to this building in the event of a power outage.

Delegal Marina Telescope

On Monday, staff removed the telescope at the Delegal Marina Observation Tower for maintenance. The maintenance includes removing the old paint, sanding, priming, and repainting the telescope. Staff will reinstall the telescope by the end of next week once all maintenance items have been completed.

Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility- Lightning Event June 11

On Saturday, the Deer Creek Village Access Control Facility received a direct hit from a lightning event, which rendered the gate access entry equipment inoperable. Since the event, staff, in conjunction with Remote Technology, have worked to address all inoperable equipment, as the majority of the gate equipment replaced was on hand as part of our inhouse maintenance stock. The gate is now operational. However, staff, in conjunction with Remote Technology, are continuing to evaluate the equipment to determine what additional repairs/replacements are required.

During the lightning strike, the streetlights at the gatehouse were also damaged. On Wednesday, Evans Electric made the necessary repairs to the 240V connector which operates the streetlights around this facility. All lights are fully operational

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