Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin - 
President, TLCo

Landings real estate values are up!

On May 1, Travel + Leisure Magazine published an article titled, The Most Expensive Suburb in Every U.S. State, According to Data from Zillow and Redfin ( Not a bad place to find ourselves on our 50th anniversary!









You might then wonder what is happening with average home values in The Landings as the largest subset of Skidaway home sales. As you look at the chart below, I submit that two leading causes are behind the rapid acceleration of our values. One is the increasing desirability/demand for our community, which was accelerated by the pandemic, coupled with a very limited inventory of available homes. The second is the impact The Landings Company’s national marketing has by drawing large numbers of buyers from outside the area with higher economic demographics. This impacts both absolute value as well as the mix of homes being purchased, in that more and more being sold are more than $750,000. There also has been very positive impact on the The Landings Club in the form of new members.














If you are interested in selling your home and want the absolute highest and best likelihood of a sale, please call us today (912-598-0500). We have found many of our buyers’ homes but continue to add new buyers who are ready, willing, and able to purchase when the “right home” comes on the market.

All told, we still have approximately 150 buyers in all price ranges who have decided to make The Landings their home and we would love to have your listing to show them!

The Landings Company is 100% self-funded and can only continue with your support when selling your home, referring friends and family, or renting your home. Thank you again for your support this year!





Your Company, The Landings Company!



This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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