First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

As mentioned in April’s Landings Journal article, we are searching for committed and dedicated community-minded volunteers to join our team. Our goal is to have a new class before summer so that we will be ready to roll when it gets super busy. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we do, please email David Canham (

Someone recently asked us what our most frequent call is on the island. That prompted me to write about the two calls we get most often. Falls are certainly at the VERY top of the list. I’ve written before about things that can cause someone to fall, and it can’t hurt to mention it again. If you have area rugs throughout your house, put them away if you don’t have non-slip padding underneath them.

We all like to wear socks when our feet get cold. The older we get, the colder our hands and feet become due to circulation issues and our skin thinning. If you are someone who wears socks around your house, please make sure they’re non-slip so that you don’t slide down your stairs or fall on a tile floor in your bathroom or kitchen. I highly recommend wearing slippers if you have wooden floors and lots of tile throughout your home.

Strokes also are at the top of the list for the emergency calls we receive. There are many things that aren’t time sensitive when you’re calling EMS; strokes are not on that list. It is crucial that you make the call as soon as possible if you suspect you or a loved one might be having a stroke. DO. NOT. WAIT.

As soon as you suspect a stroke is occurring, please write down the time. When you or your loved one was last seen displaying normal behavior is crucial for the doctor in the emergency room to know. It makes a huge difference! Although there are many symptoms that can mimic a stroke, don’t assume it is or isn’t a stroke without getting medical attention immediately.

As the warm weather quickly approaches, we all need to be vigilant about hydration and the symptoms of heat stroke. Make sure you carry water, Gatorade, or anything that will ensure your body is getting the proper fluids throughout the day. If you start to experience dizziness, muscle aches, headaches, and overall malaise, stop your activity and seek help. Once you’re dehydrated, it’s too late to start drinking something.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has taken the time to fill out the yellow medical cards. We’ve used them on many calls recently, and I can’t tell you how helpful they are to our team. If you don’t already have them for each family member, please visit The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South) and get them. Make sure you fill them out and put them in a baggy on the inside of the refrigerator or on the outside with a magnet or tape.

As always, we appreciate the unwavering support we get from this community. It is an honor to serve you all.

Stay safe out there!

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