How Many Vacant Lots are in The Landings?

By Erin Schumacher -
Community Development Director

This is a question we regularly receive in the Community Development Department. The answer is more complicated than one may think, as it is always changing.

The Landings had 4,420 platted residential home sites. These sites are assigned a lot number, which is the same number we use today to identify a property.

Over time, several lots were purchased by an adjoining property owner and combined with an existing lot of record, essentially converting two (or more) lots into one much larger lot. The recombination of lots leaves us with a total of 4,395 home sites, though we still collect 4,420 Assessments (Homeowners Dues).

Development has progressed over the decades, and as of this writing, we have 4,214 homes built in the community, leaving 181 remaining vacant lots. This definition of vacant does not include homes currently under construction or properties that have received approval of architectural plans from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and have not yet begun construction. With 33 active construction sites, the number of lots is reduced further to 148. Additionally, 13 home designs have been approved by the ARC but have yet to break ground. Once these 13 lots proceed with construction, we will be left with 135 unbuilt lots without any plan approvals.

If you have questions regarding a vacant lot in The Landings, email our Community Development team ( We always are happy to answer questions and assist when possible.


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