Security Update

By Tim Cook -
Security Director
  Several residents continually request that we focus our attention on pedestrian safety precautions. Although our statistics for pedestrian-involved accidents are relatively low, one incident is always too many. Simple actions such as walking against the traffic flow and adhering to simple safety protocols such as wearing bright-colored clothes make a significant difference. You can go one step further and wear reflective clothing or devices. I ordered a few reflective sashes, and if we have enough interest, we could submit a bulk order. I am a huge proponent of such safety items and would like to start a grassroots effort for wearing these reflective sashes. In three years, I want these sashes to become a “new norm” within our community. Take a few minutes to refresh yourself on pedestrian safety ( > Community Safety > Safety Topics > Distracted Walking). If you are interested in ordering a safety sash, please email, with “Safety Sash” as the subject. Another topic discussed during February’s Security Committee meeting was cart-free zones. These designated areas are where golf carts cannot operate on the street and include the areas below.
  • Lake Street from The Village traffic lights to Shellwind Drive (inside the Deer Creek Village Gate)
  • Landings Way from Huntingwood Retreat to Wiley Bottom Road
  • Landings Way North from Bartram Road North to Shellwind Drive (Marshwood Gate and Deer Creek North Gate areas)
  • Landings Way South between Peregrine Crossing and Prestbury Lane
  • Tidewater Way between The Village and Landings Way
  • Westcross Road from Diamond Causeway to inside the Oakridge Gate
  • Westcross Road from Franklin Creek Road South to Pepper Bush Circle (the bridge that crosses over Green Island Road)
The most prominent cart-free zone discussed was the Westcross bridge crossing over Green Island Road. There are seven cart-free zone signs posted in this area. Ignorance of this rule would be difficult to argue, and I would imagine an appeal extremely hard to win. As mentioned in my article in February’s Landings Journal, the updated fine structure for violating this moving violation could cost you $99 for the first offense. One might even argue that we need to pay for the signs, and violators would be the most reasonable path to recoup costs for the excessive number of cart-free zone signs dedicated to this specific area. Another resident expressed concerns after seeing someone driving a golf cart on McWhorter Drive. You may have noticed McWhorter Drive and Green Island Road are not part of our cart-free zones. The Landings Association does not have jurisdiction over these roads. However, Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) has jurisdiction over these roads, and driving a golf cart on these roads is against the law. Violators may be subject to State and local laws and ordinances regarding the operation of a golf cart on these roadways. Not only is it unlawful to drive a golf cart on these roads, it is, in my opinion, unsafe and unnecessary. We also witnessed a few mailboxes being damaged during the last year, presumably with malicious intent. Mailboxes are protected by federal law, and Postal Inspectors investigate crimes against mailboxes (and the mail inside). Two recent mailbox vandalism cases were reported to the US Postal Inspector for investigation and prosecution. Individuals convicted of destruction of federal property could spend up to three years in jail and be fined up to $250,000. Stay Safe,

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