President's Update 2-23-2022

Tue, 03/01/2022

During the month of February, we celebrate passion with special days such as Valentine’s Day, on which we recognize our passion for special people, sweethearts, best friends, and close family members. We also recognize passion for our country as we celebrate national patriots on Presidents’ Day. We should also recognize some of our friends and neighbors who demonstrate passion for this beautiful island home of ours.

There are many volunteers who support The Landings Association’s (TLA) staff in maintaining and preserving The Landings. These dedicated volunteers, along with TLA staff, provide services and maintain the infrastructure of our community. Throughout this year, I will recognize these hard-working and passionate people.

If you have been in TLA’s offices, or if you have called TLA, then you have interacted with TLA staff in the Community Relations Department. Their purpose is to ensure high quality service by assisting customers, answering phones, processing vehicle decals, and providing overall clerical support. The two dedicated employees at the front desk are Ashley Lloyd and Megan Weathers. Ashley has a degree from Savannah Tech and has been with TLA since 2016. Megan has a degree from Georgia Southern University and has been with TLA since 2020. I appreciate the friendly and professional manner in which Ashley and Megan interact with residents and vendors in our community.

Another department working in TLA’s offices is the Finance Department, which consists of four staff members. They manage major programs including Accounting and Annual Dues (Assessments) Collection, Financial Management and Reporting, and Insurance and Risk Management. Jessica Henderson is the Finance Department Director. Jessica has been with TLA since 2019 and has a BBA in Accounting from Moorhead State University and an MBA in Business from University of the Cumberlands. Monika Carr is TLA’s Budget and Special Projects Manager. Amanda Peetoom is the Accounts Payable Administrator for the Association. Debbie Waterlander is currently serving as the Accounts Receivable Administrator. I applaud these staff members for their efficient operation of the Finance Department.

Likewise, numerous resident volunteers serve on TLA’s committees to support the dedicated TLA staff. One such committee is the Finance Committee, which reports to TLA’s Board of Directors. Serving on this committee are 12 resident volunteers who have various backgrounds which include finance, budgets, auditing, accounting, or business management. The Finance Committee members are Herman Stone, Andrea Felkins, Bill Bina, Bob Wood, Cecilia Calcaterra, David Krautheimer, Derek Grimes, Jim Morgan, Marian Mackle, Rosemary Mackey, Tony Martin, and Victor Shernoff. The entire committee meets monthly. In addition, they form subcommittees that meet throughout the year. I encourage you to join me in expressing appreciation to these passionate resident volunteers.

As we enjoy this wonderful island and the active lifestyle about which we are so passionate, let us also remember the dedicated individuals who diligently work to maintain and preserve The Landings. When you see these individuals, please take a moment to thank them for their dedication.

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