Landings Association Board Reviews Recent “Splatter Gun” Incidents

Tue, 03/01/2022

Landings Association Board Reviews Recent “Splatter Gun” Incidents

Last night, The Landings Association’s Board of Directors extensively reviewed three reported incidents from this weekend involving juveniles targeting residents with “splatter guns” (similar to a lower-velocity version of paint guns with water-based pellets).

One of the reported incidents was on common property, at the Landings Community Park pavilion. This incident was captured on video, and those involved were identified as a resident and three guests. The Board voted to suspend the member privileges for the resident and family members living at their address, and impose fines for the discharge of projectiles on common property, as well as for unlicensed cart driver.

Another incident occurred outside the gates. Chatham County Police responded, interviewed the alleged shooter and the alleged victim, and did not make an arrest.

A third incident involved a resident reporting being shot by a splatter gun on Westcross Road. Police responded again on Monday to take victim, witness, and suspect statements.

In all incidents, Security Director Tim Cook, along with other Security Officers, have spoken with identified parties to try to gather information. A review of reports on file revealed that of the three incidents regarding the “splatter guns”, at least two may be connected. Landings Security has been urging those targeted to complete witness statements and to file those with the police as well.

As a reminder, this type of behavior (shooting projectiles), whether targeting others or not, is not allowed on common property, per Rules and Regulations, Section I.6: “The discharging of fireworks, firearms, or any type of weapon (e.g., pellet gun, BB gun, air rifle, paintball gun, bow and arrow, or other devices discharging projectiles) on common property is prohibited.”

Finally, Security Officers are not armed and do not have arrest powers. When an incident occurs that involves a crime, it is ultimately the victim’s responsibility and prerogative to contact local law enforcement. If your safety is an issue, always call 911 first, and then notify TLA Security.

If you believe a Rule has been violated, please call Security (912-598-1982, option 2). Immediately reporting an issue helps in many cases, and the more information you can provide assists in connecting the dots and sometimes solving the problem.

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