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Landings Harbor

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily (please note updated hours)

Landings Harbor Marina

It was a busy weekend at the marina last week with the Holiday Golf Cart Parade on Saturday and the CCA Oyster and Pig Roast Event on Sunday. Add a mostly beautiful weather week on top of that and it hardly feels like December! Several of our boaters have been getting some work done on their boats while we still have mild temperatures. A couple of our recently vacated dry slips have been filled with new boats from the waiting list.

Henry’s Plumbing reinstalled the urinal in the men’s restroom.

The Engineering Report from Terracon Consultants, Inc was received Tuesday afternoon. This report presents the findings of the subsurface exploration and provides geotechnical recommendations concerning earthwork and design and construction of foundations for the proposed dry storage rebuild project.

Marina Ship’s Store

We have all your last-minute gift items in store for your Landings loving friends and family! Remember next year is the 50th Anniversary of the Landings so wearing your Landings gear will show the pride you have for your community!






The fridge is stocked with all the beverages you may need for your holiday walks and/or gatherings. The ice cream freezer is loaded with frozen confections and Leopold’s single serve cups! Mint Chocolate Chip is back in stock, but it never lasts long!!!  We also have Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Coffee, Butter Pecan and Strawberry!

Landings Sailing Club

Due to the lack of wind last week, the scheduled sailing for race training purposes has been re-scheduled for this weekend.

Dry Storage

Landings Harbor wet, dry, and jet ski storage slots are at 100% capacity. We continue to add to and maintain a waiting list for all slips.

Landings Dry Storage Activity











Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily (please note updated hours)

Delegal Creek Marina

At this point in the year, Delegal has become the main hot spot for events at our Sunset Pavilion and pictures of the beautiful sunsets that the marina's view has to offer. As for the boating season, it's coming to a quick halt. Traffic here now mainly consists of straggling transient boaters headed South to warmer weather. Nevertheless, the marina is still a peaceful area for residents to enjoy some downtime.

The birds continue to make a mess of our docks and we are doing our best to keep up cleaning after them! Landings Harbor Staff has been onsite weekly assisting with the continued cleanup from the pesky birds that should have been further South by this time of the year.

Just a friendly reminder that there is no fishing allowed on the floating or fuel docks at Delegal, but only from the fixed pier at the base of the marina.


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