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Landings Harbor

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily


Landings Harbor Marina

Weekdays are relatively quiet at the marina now. Our team is conducting an audit of all the boats and jet skis to ensure they are in order and tagged properly after the busy season. Boat launch activities were just under 200 this week, most of which happened during the weekend. This past Saturday afternoon saw a flurry of activity with the finish line of the Low Country Hook Race being at the Harbor. Bunny Ware from Savannah Morning News was here to photograph and document the event. See more on this below. 

Maintenance and Repair

The lift gate arm was broken at the front of the marina. A work order was placed on SeeClickFix, and Public Works came out Monday and promptly repaired it. 

The marina and the boats survived the enormous amount of rain we had earlier this week. Our team checked the boats to make sure they drained properly. 

The new sod installed in the Landings Harbor picnic area is taking root nicely, the significant amount of rain certainly helped with this. Watering will continue through the rest of the week between 1 PM and 4:30 PM daily. New golf cart parking area is being installed in front of the Dockside Bar; a layer of gravel will complete this project. Golf cart access is scheduled to be blocked off to preserve the sod at this waterfront asset.

Marina Ship’s Store

Replenishment of our popular trucker style hat with “LHM” in nautical flags has arrived in the store. Stay tuned for the new merchandise due to come in over the next couple months

Our brand-new ice cream freezer has just arrived! We will get it filled as quickly as possible, but it may take until middle of next week to be fully stocked again. We are stocked up with plenty of Leopold’s single cups in a backup freezer. You will need to ask the staff if you are craving the popular ice cream treat.        








Dry Storage

Landings Harbor wet, dry, and jet ski storage slots are at 100% capacity. We continue to add to and maintain a waiting list for all slips.

The Landings Sailing Program

Our sailors had a terrific showing at the Low Country Hook Race last weekend!  Bonnie Blue took first place in the J/24 Class with Gone with The Wind, a close second. Gran Cru took first place in the non-spinnaker class.   The race concluded at Landings Harbor and a celebratory gathering was held at the Tiki Hut. Based on the smiles in the pictures a grand time was had by all!  Check the Savannah Morning News this Sunday for more pictures and coverage of this event. If you want to test the waters and see what The Landings Sailing Club is all about, they have another Beer Can Race/Social this Friday, September 24. You can contact them at landingssailing@gmail.org for more information.










Landings Dry Storage Activity











Delegal Creek Marina

Operating Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daily

Delegal Creek Marina

This past week had consistent rainfall throughout. With more than seven inches falling in a 24-hour period we did have some boats holding water the morning of September 21. After notifying the affected owners, we pumped the accessible water out with a mobile bilge-pump. After some battery charging everyone was back to normal. There was some minor water in the basement as expected and very slow boat traffic as well. During the down time due to the weather, the dockside bathrooms were deep cleaned, and the work boat was pulled, cleaned, and relaunched. The fuel system suffered an electrical issue during the record setting rain event that caused a shut down for a couple of days. The issue was in one of the E-Stop boxes. Water intrusion caused the switch to stick closed which interrupted the voltage feeding the main fuel pumps. We are glad to report that the system is back up and fully operational. And finally, transient traffic is just getting started. 

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