P.E.O. Chapter AS Annual Pecan Sale

Courtesy of P.E.O. Chapter AS

These handsomely presented packages of the now famous Schermer, Georgia pecans make welcomed gifts for any occasion. They can be frozen and easily mailed. The pecans are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, glazed, caramel clusters, cinnamon glazed, mammoth halves, and mammoth pieces. The price remains at $12 per bag.

To order, call June Palmer (912-598-1693) or Judy Gandelot (912-598-5404). The deadline for orders is Thursday, October 14. They will be delivered to your home by Monday, November 15. Please make your check payable to P.E.O., Chapter AS.

P.E.O. is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization, which benefits women of all ages who seek college and post-graduate degrees, by giving them grants, scholarships, and loans, at accredited national and international institutions. All profits benefit our scholarships.

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