Budget Box: 2021 Road Repair and Resurfacing Project

By Shari Haldeman - sharih@landings.org
General Manager/COO

The Landings Association has approximately 91 miles of roadways. Each year, staff, the Public Works Committee, and an engineering firm evaluate through field inspection the Association-owned roads and make recommendations for the annual repair and resurfacing program. The scope of the 2021 project is heavily focused on high traffic/use roads which have demonstrated significant degradation within the asphalt, its base, and sub-base.

   The following roads have been reviewed by the Public Works Committee and staff and are recommended for repaving in the 2021 road repair and resurfacing program: 

  • Delegal Road
  • Landings Way South from Huntingwood Retreat to Palmetto Club entrance
  • Mercer Road
  • Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Bartram Road (and up to the first entrance of Wickersham Drive)

Staff solicited bids from multiple contractors, with a total estimated project cost of $1,328,812, which will be funded through Capital Reserves. When this work was originally scoped last year, the budget amount was $1,010,044. As the cost of asphalt continues to rise, The Landings Association was able to secure pricing per square yard for 2021 projects at the same rate that was paid in 2020. However, the decision was made to resurface more area than originally planned at the rate offered by the contractor, as it will cost less to complete more resurfacing now, at the 2020 rate, than next year, as the cost of petroleum products used in asphalt continues to rise.

Based on the current Operating Budget Year End Estimate, the overage of $318,768 will be offset by better revenues than budgeted in such areas as commercial passes and architectural fees, as well as lower expenses than budgeted in such areas as staffing, that will be transferred into Capital Reserves at the end of the year.

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