Community Marketing & Real Estate

By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo
  2020: What a year on so many levels! As we learned of the developing international pandemic early last year, I can tell you that my outlook for the year turned very grim. I prepared for another 2008, when I experienced the real estate market change almost overnight and sales seemingly go to zero. Our staff and Board prepared for the worst. To our great surprise, this daunting situation and all that followed was very detrimental to many but not the results in real estate. Our activity accelerated to a pace not seen in many years and then surpassed 2019’s record sales for The Landings Company. In fact, the most homes sold in The Landings in any year since 1998 when the Company was taken over from Branigar, the developer. Buyers were motivated to move away from more populous areas, accelerate relocation/retirement plans, and avail themselves of a better lifestyle. You might ask yourself, how would the throngs of people looking to make a move as soon as possible find The Landings without the longstanding and perpetual marketing done by the Company? Keeping our community in front of as many as possible is the reason for our existence, and the market’s pivot in 2020 only underscores this need. Extensive marketing of The Landings is essential, considering its private location and the destination (meaning non-resort) character of our community, along with a lack of substantial incoming corporate relocation activity to Savannah. With 4,420 properties at a combined value of substantially more than $2 billion, we must maintain this exposure to keep property sales turning at a rate at which values are sustained or rising. Notice the correlation between the Company’s annual marketing spend and the number of total homes sold at The Landings in the charts below. We expect this year to be similar to last year, and inventory of homes on the market will be a major determining factor in 2021’s success. If you are interested in selling your home and want the absolute best likelihood of a sale, please call us today (598-0500). We have buyers who have decided to make The Landings their home, but the home they are looking for is not yet on the market. We would love to have your listing to show them!   The Landings Company is 100% self-funded and can only continue with your support when selling your home, referring friends and family, or renting your home. Thank you in advance for your support this year! Your Company, The Landings Company!

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