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Pine Straw Application at Gatehouses

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, BrightView Landscapes completed the installation of pine straw at the gatehouses and TLA amenities this week. The costs associated with this application are included within our annual landscape contract.   

Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe finished this year’s storm drain project ahead of schedule with the completion of the slip lining technique on sections of pipes on Tondee Lane and Breckenridge Lane this week. Staff has begun to develop a repair list for next year which will be brought before the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and the Board for review and approval in 2021. 

Road Repairs

Due to last week’s weather conditions, the road repair project has been postponed until after the Thanksgiving holiday. Bennett Paving will be working on Bowline Court, Mercer Road and Lanyard Court on November 30.  

Storm Drain Maintenance

This week, construction staff focused on storm drain inlet repairs that were damaged on Amberly Court, Clamshell Lane, Old South Lane, Heartwood Court, and Button Lane. Until a concrete cover can be constructed, crews developed a temporary solution as pictured.  Staff also continued their inspections along with the cleaning and removal of debris in and around the drains to help prevent flooding on the roadways. 

Tidewater Square

Over the last year, the condition of Tidewater Square has rapidly deteriorated. Although staff has replaced bricks to improve the drivability within the square, we determined that an engineered evaluation is required to determine replacement costs and material for replacement as the current bricks for the square are no longer produced. 

On Monday, November 24, Terracon Consultants, Inc. will begin some geotechnical work to obtain boring samples in the square. The purpose of this work is to determine the soil stratigraphy and to estimate soil parameters. Once the samples have been obtained, Terracon will complete an engineering evaluation and report.  Additionally, Coleman Surveying Company will conduct a survey of the square to obtain the following: the road right-of-way, topography, pavement limits, above-ground utilities, etc.  All information obtained through these evaluations and subsequent reports will assist the Public Works Department in the preparation of future repairs and the costs associated with same.

Oakridge Access Control Facility

On Sunday afternoon, Facilities staff responded to the Oakridge Access Control Facility as the gate was inoperable. After troubleshooting the equipment, staff discovered that the IT switch was not connecting to the server. On Monday, a technician from Infinity was dispatched to replace the equipment. After the installation of a temporary switch, it was determined that additional repairs were required. On Tuesday, ABDI, Infinity and Remote Technology, in conjunction with staff, were onsite and discovered that there was a communication error between the exterior equipment (barrier gate arms, etc.) and the interior equipment (continental panel, switch, etc.). A temporary solution was completed which has allowed the gate to be operational; however, staff and our contractors are still working toward a long-term solution. Should anything change, staff will update the community on same.  

TLA Public Works Generator

At the end of last week, TLA’s insurance provider approved the claim submitted by staff for the replacement of the Public Works Generator. During a power outage in August, the Public Works Building generator caught fire which ultimately destroyed the alternator wiring harnesses and internal components. Staff is working with our service provider, ESSE, to order the replacement generator which will be installed after the first of the year.  

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