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Storm Drain Project

Southeast Pipe Survey completed lining pipes utilizing a CIPP (Cured in Place Piping) slip lining technique on sections of the pipes on Lachlan Lane at the intersection of Priest Landing Drive and Landings Way North this week. The contractor will progress to Fat Friars Retreat, Breckenridge Lane, and Tondee Lane next week. This project was approved by the Board in October and is funded through Capital Reserves. 

Building and Grounds Department

In-house staff began the annual preparations for the holiday season by pressure washing and painting the signage around each gatehouse. Crews are currently working in and around the gates and will progress to cleaning the street signs throughout the community. In addition to this work around the gatehouses, staff are cleaning all directional and monument signage throughout the community. This work is anticipated to be completed by November 20.

Delegal Marina Fixed Pier

In-house staff replaced 30 boards on the Delegal Marina fixed pier this week. In addition to the board replacements, they sanded down trip hazards, screwed down loose boards, and repaired railings as needed.

Deer Creek Village Gate Replacement Update

On Friday, October 30 (after hours – around 8:00 p.m.), the Deer Creek Village Gate barrier arms became inoperable (gate arms would not open and close). Public Works staff responded Friday night; however, they were unable to successfully resolve the issues associated with the new continental panel. In the interim, in-house staff reinstalled an older panel until our contractor, Carolina Time, could evaluate the gate equipment onsite. Caroline Time is working to address the equipment failures and anticipate the new equipment to be fully functional by Friday.

Deer Creek Village Gate Deep Well Replacement

Two weeks ago, the deep well located at the Deer Creek Village Gate, which provides irrigation to the gatehouse and Village, became inoperable. Pickney Well was onsite last week and determined that the pump control box was nonfunctional and required repair. The cost for repairs was estimated at $2,000, with a total replacement cost of $6,700. Since the well was scheduled for replacement next year, staff contracted Pickney Well to replace the well ahead of schedule. This replacement will be funded through Capital Reserves.

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