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Rotary Presentation

On Wednesday, Sean Burgess was the virtual guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Skidaway Island’s August meeting. Sean provided a presentation on “The Secret Underground Water System of The Landings” which included an overview of Landings’ infrastructure and how vital our lagoon system, storm drains and road inlets are to our community (especially during rain and storm-related events!).

Vandalized Street Signs

On Monday, in-house staff were notified that several streets signs were damaged throughout the community. As the day progressed, additional damaged street signs were observed and subsequently delivered to the sign shop for repair and/or replacement. A total of 16 street signs were vandalized: Little Comfort Road, Prescott Lane, Shadow Brook Lane, Hoptree Cross (2), Springfield Place, Bartram Road, Springfield Retreat (2), Hemingway Drive, Covey Point, Southerland Road, Heathmuir Way, Harvest Lane, Bloomsbury Place and Springfield Cross. To date, in-house crews have been able to repair the majority of the street signs; however, several of the signs were vandalized beyond repair and require re-carving and paint prior to installation.

Moon River and Deer Creek Village Gate Equipment Replacement Update

Public Works staff have been in communication with Carolina Time (RJ Heredia), this year’s gate equipment installer, to ensure that the equipment is purchased and installed in a timely manner. Due to the extenuating circumstances associated with COVID-19, this project has been delayed. Carolina Time has tentatively scheduled the gate replacements to begin on August 18, beginning with Moon River. Staff will continue to keep the Board and community apprised of the progression of the project via e-bulletin. Please note this project was presented to the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee, and Board in May and was subsequently approved as part of the Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP).

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued with the 2020 community path project this week with the conversion of path from the McWhorter Bridge to the comfort station located on Shellwind Drive in Deer Creek. Absolute will progress to the path from Huntingwood Retreat to Cotesworth Place next week.

Road and Community Path Operational Work

In-house staff repaired several potholes located on the community path from Sundew Road to The Village this week. Staff also repaired asphalt failures at the entrance of the McWhorter/North Gate.

Sprayfield Herbicide Treatment/Management

As a part of the TLA/UI Herbicide and Aquatic Management of the North and South Sprayfield Contract that was executed in January, staff began working on the herbicide treatment along the primary and secondary ditches located in the South and North Sprayfields this week. Staff anticipate completion with this work over the next two weeks. As a reminder, UI is paying TLA for these services.

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