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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

Bennett Paving completed the paving of Deer Run and Cavan Lane this week.  Bennett will progress to the paving of Wickersham Drive and Ale House Retreat next week.


CPCS completed the road striping on Brandenberry Road along with the repair area at the intersection of Landings Way
South and Huntingwood Retreat last weekend.  CPCS will continue to complete the road striping process as the roads are paved. 

Storm Drain Failure

A storm drain on Middleton Road failed this week causing a sink hole within the roadway.  Southeast Pipe subsequently repaired the storm drain with their cure in place lining technique to remediate the concrete pipe separation. The sink hole will be repaired next week to allow sufficient time for the pipe repair to cure.

2020 Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program

In-house staff completed all work associated with the mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads this week: Sky Sail Circle, Bosun’s Circle, Delegal Retreat and Marina Drive. Crews are currently working on Delegal Road, Staysail Lane, Flying Jib Lane, Sailmaker Lane, Mizzenmast Lane, Upland Lane, Canticle Lane, and Pelham Road. Please continue to be cognizant of staff working alongside the roadway at times to complete these repairs. 

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete anticipates the completion of the conversion of the path section from Tarrow Ridge Road to the Oakridge Clubhouse by Friday, May 8. The contractor will progress to Deer Creek thereafter.

Annual Marina Fuel Line Testing at the Marinas

Central Industries completed the annual fuel line tightness tests at Delegal Marina and Landings Harbor Marina this week. These tests are a part of our permitting process to ensure that our fuel delivery systems are operating as designed. No leaks were detected and both facilities passed the pressure tests. 

McWhorter Community Path Bridge Maintenance

On Tuesday, in-house staff began the replacement of damaged boards on the McWhorter community path bridge. Staff anticipates the replacement of approximately forty deck boards over the next two weeks. 


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