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Pine Straw Scams

Landings Security received several complaints recently regarding two different vendors soliciting business within the community. J&B Pine Straw and Can’t Go Wrong Landscaping both have been reported as going door-to-door selling pine straw at approximately $4-$5 per bale. Once the job is complete, both companies have charged several thousand dollars more than the initial quote. Security staff members responded to and dispatched the Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) to the latest incident on Tuesday, February 11. CCPD issued a Trespass Warning for Can’t Go Wrong Landscaping, and TLA fined them $150 for solicitation. The owner of J&B Pine Straw was contacted and warned about scamming residents, possible future trespass charges, and issued a fine for solicitation. Residents are asked to contact Security immediately if anyone solicits them as solicitation is against The Landings Rules and Regulations. Security staff members have been placed on high alert for similar companies and situations.


On Saturday, February 8, Landings Security responded to a residence on Wiley Bottom Road for a theft report. The resident stated that a “Children at Play” sign had been removed from her yard sometime after 5:30 p.m. the previous evening. The responding officer patrolled the area and located the sign in front of a residence on Hemingway Drive. The officer attempted to make contact with the Hemingway Drive homeowner but was unsuccessful. The sign was returned to the complainant.

Landings Security responded to the Public Works Department on Monday, February 10, for a report of theft over the weekend. Construction Manager Bill Campbell advised that someone had entered the street sweepers and taken several items sometime between 5 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. on Sunday. The missing items include a hard hat, several pairs of leather work gloves, several reflective vests, a Landings hat, safety goggles, and clipboards. The estimated value of the items is approximately $250. A few items were located along the maintenance path from Public Works to Landings Way South. Additional security measures, such as increased patrols and ensuring that doors are locked, will be taken to avoid future incidents.

Follow-up on Previous Thefts

The resident who previously reported $15k of jewelry stolen from her home by contracted workers found and recovered some of the jewelry in a local pawn shop. CCPD has been advised and is pursuing arrests and criminal charges.

Three other theft incidents reported this year appeared to have been committed by the same person, and the identity turned over to CCPD.

No other details can be provided at this time, pending criminal charges and due process.

Suspicious Incidents

On Saturday, February 8, Security responded to Monastery Road for a report of a suspicious incident. The resident advised that she had seen someone walking around her property via her doorbell camera. Officers conducted a premise check around the home and discovered an unsecured sliding door. The officers confirmed no signs of forced entry then proceeded with an interior check of the residence and found nothing unusual. The property was secured, and the homeowner was notified of the findings.

Landings Security and CCPD responded to Franklin Creek Road South for a report of a suspicious incident on Tuesday, February 11. Two women walking on Franklin Creek Road witnessed a man in his front yard fondling himself. Lawn care workers at a nearby residence stated they had seen the incident as well. Officers made contact with the resident; however, the man denied having any knowledge of the incident.

Dog vs. Dog Incident

Landings Security responded to the Landings Dog Park on Monday, February 10, for a dog versus dog incident. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a witness who stated that a dog had bitten another dog on the ear. The wound was bleeding profusely, so the owner of the injured dog immediately took him to the vet for medical assistance. The owner of the injured dog could not be reached for additional follow-up regarding the incident, and the owner of the other dog stated that he did not see the incident. The report was forwarded to Animal Services and the Dog Park Committee for further investigation.

Neighbor Dispute

Landings Security responded to Village Green Circle for a dispute between two neighbors. The complainant advised that her neighbor had trespassed onto her property and cut down some vines. She also stated that one of her wired fences had been picked out of the ground. The officer spoke with the neighbor who advised that she had cut down vines that were on her property, but she did not enter her neighbor’s property to remove them.

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