The Landings Magic Society Seeks Lovers of Magic!

Courtesy of The Landings Magic Society

Have you ever had a fascination to watch or learn basic magic? The Landings Magic Society is composed of novice and professional magicians who’d love for you to join us.

Many of our members learned a bit of magic as kids, and some even performed for their children’s and grandchildren’s birthday parties. Others have performed professionally and enjoy sharing their talents with crowds large and small.

With the popularity of America’s Got Talent and other television competitions, magic once again is popular.

The Landings Magic Society meets monthly from October through May on the second Thursday at 7 p.m. in Plantation Club’s Card Room. Anyone interested in magic is welcomed to attend the meetings. Each month, members perform a new “trick” and discuss new magic we have seen. We also host a “how-to” session to teach newcomers how to do some basic magic, and periodically we invite professional magicians to join us for a magic show. Every meeting is instructional, entertaining, and enlightening.

For more information, please contact Jim Ruhl ( or 912-856-3948) or Bill Sickels ( or 912-598-9123).

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