Fish Stocking in Landings’ Lagoons

Courtesy Landings Public Works and CCA

The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and the Association's Public Works Department work together to implement the fishery management program throughout our lagoon system. That includes fish stocking, salinity testing, electrofishing, juvenile seining, amenity improvements, and the installation of lagoon structures for fish habitat.

Each year CCA samples 30 lagoons by seining or electro-fishing on alternate years to determine population density and fish size. Sampling this year determined that the fish in nine lagoons were below average weight and required a better food supply. CCA purchased and stocked more than 14,200 small bluegills to help increase largemouth bass and crappie size and improve the fishing experience in those lagoons. To date, CCA’s generous donations have resulted in more than 220,000 fish being stocked in our lagoon system.

CCA’s Skidaway Island Chapter is entirely dependent on donations, most of which come from homeowners in The Landings. In addition to managing the fishery program, CCA also produces The Landings Lagoon Guide that identifies which lagoons are freshwater and which are saltwater (brackish). The Guide also includes fishing tips to improve your enjoyment of fishing in The Landings. The Guide is available for $10.

For more information on the Landings’ Lagoon Guide or the fishery management program, please email Hal Evans ( CCA will begin the annual fundraising campaign in January. To donate to CCA, please email CCA Treasurer Jerry Thompson


Photos Courtesy of Dave Devore

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