On the Security Scene

Golf Cart Thefts

On Sunday, November 17, Security responded to Breckenridge Lane for a report of a stolen golf cart. The resident advised that she had seen three teenage boys in the area around her home. She went to secure her back door, and when she returned to the front of the house, she noticed one of the boys run across her yard and hop in a golf cart. When she left to run errands later, she noticed that her golf cart was missing from inside the garage. Security located the golf cart on Shellwind Drive across from the Marshwood Gate. A review of the Avigilon system revealed at least two teenage boys on the cart as it passed by the Marshwood Gate heading toward Deer Creek. Although CCPD responded as well, the resident did not want to press charges at the time.

Security received a report of an abandoned golf cart behind a residence on Captain Dunbar Lane on Tuesday, November 19. The resident stated that the golf cart had been in the back part of her yard for two days. A search of the ABDi database showed that the cart was registered to a resident on Cuthbert Lane. The owner of the cart advised that he was not aware that the cart was missing. He stated he had last seen it approximately two weeks prior and that his grandson occasionally uses it to go fishing. However, he was certain that his grandson had not used it recently. The resident advised that the area where the cart typically was kept was not secured. There appeared to be no signs of forced entry, and it is unknown exactly when the cart was taken and by whom. The resident stated he would contact CCPD to file a report.

Suspicious Incident

On Tuesday, November 19, Security responded to a residence on Cloverwood Court for a report of a suspicious incident. The residents stated that they noticed a screen on their back porch was cut, and there was mud on the floor. Additionally, there were some scratch marks on the sliding glass doors which lead into the home from the porch. The residents stated that the porch was in normal condition on Saturday, so they believe the incident occurred on Sunday or Monday. Fortunately, the unknown suspect(s) were not successful in their attempt to gain entry into the residence; however, a small porch table with an unknown value was missing. The residents advised that they would contact CCPD on the following morning.

Speeding Citation

In an effort to increase the overall safety on our roadways, Security patrols were focused on traffic compliance on Landings Way South on Thursday, November 21. While observing traffic with the LaserCam4 LIDAR unit, a patrol officer clocked an individual exceeding the posted speed limit of 35 MPH. A traffic stop was conducted, and a citation for $50 was issued. In accordance with our fine schedule for Rules and Regulations violations, the fine assessed was incorrect. As a warning had been issued previously, the correct amount for the fine should have been $15. The issuing officer contacted the individual to notify them of the mistake and explain our appeals process. Additionally, Security personnel were reminded of our fine structure.


Security and CCPD responded to Hazel Glen Lane on Tuesday, November 19, in reference to a trespassing incident that occurred on Saturday. The resident advised that three teenage boys knocked on her door and stated they were looking for their dog. She further explained that one of the boys walked around the side of her garage and attempted to open the side door. Although the resident informed the boys that they needed to leave her property, she did not think to notify Security or CCPD. The juveniles were described as Caucasian, between the ages of 14 and 16, and around 5’5” to 5’9” in height. TLA staff and CCPD are investigating to determine if the juveniles associated with this case are the same involved in the Breckenridge Lane case.

Cat Attack

Security responded to Village Green Circle on Sunday, November 17, for a report of an animal attack. The resident stated that she had been walking her dog in the area when a large black cat with a white spot attacked her dog. The resident picked up her dog to stop the attack; however, the cat turned on her and attacked her leg. Both the resident and her dog sustained injuries from the cat. A Swift911 alert was sent to the general area in an attempt to locate the cat’s owner. Since the cat’s medical history is unknown, the resident is being treated for rabies as a precaution. Fortunately, her dog was up to date on its vaccinations. Chatham County Animal Services was provided a copy of the report and will follow up with the resident.

Electrical Fire

On Tuesday, November 19, Security and CES responded to a residence on Willeford Drive for a report of a fire. The resident reported that the electrical box on the outside of the house had caught on fire. The resident extinguished the fire before units arrived on the scene, and no injuries were reported. Georgia Power was called out to check the box. The cause of the fire is unknown.

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