Residents Reminded of Sign & Mail Tube Policies

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

The Landings, like many other planned residential communities, has Covenants and Rules and Regulations in place to protect property values, maintain uniformity, and ensure the beauty and security expected by homeowners remain top quality.

One such Rule relates to signs within the community and on residential property. All signs must be approved by The Landings Association, and only three signs will be considered for approval. These three signs are General Contractor signs (for houses under construction and those being renovated on the outside), For Sale, and Open House Signs. All other signs, including those political in nature, are strictly prohibited.

Another rule that often is misunderstood is the one involving Mail Tubes. These tubes are intended only for neighbor-to-neighbor communications, as well as for Landings Association notices. Section E-11 of the Rules and Regulations, found in The Landings 2019 Residential Directory on page 41 reads in part:

“Businesses are prohibited from using the tubes. Any item placed in a mail tube must have the name and contact information of the property owner at The Landings responsible for the distribution. Commercial or political distributions are prohibited, as are any messages that solicit business. Any distribution to 50 or more properties must first be approved by The Landings Association.”

For more information on sign approval, please email The Landings Association’s Community Development Department ( For information about Mail Tube Policies, please email Landings Security (

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