Recycling Rhonda Says “No-No”

Courtesy of the R3 Committee

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why some things you’d like to recycle can’t be accepted at The Landings Recycling Center on McWhorter Drive. For example, you might say, “Silk Soy Milk is a good thing; can’t I recycle the container?” Recycling Rhonda says, “Unfortunately, no. Although it appears to be like cardboard, it has a waxy coating, which is not an acceptable recyclable material at our Center. However, you still can flatten it out, so it takes up less room in your trash.” 

Another frequent item showing up at the Center is spray bottle tops. Rhonda says, “Although they are plastic, they have a spring and a glass ball inside, which are not recyclable. Some of the pump bottles are refillable (a good thing). You may consider looking for an alternative, such as bar soap.” 

Lastly, another recycling newbie asks, “Publix has a container to recycle plastic bags. Why can’t those be taken at the Recycling Center?” Rhonda replies, “Absolutely no bags of any kind at the Center. That includes soft plastic such as paper towel wrappers and other coverings.

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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