SeeClickFix Features Customized Notifications

By Amber Capps -
Executive Assistant to the Public Works Director

We hope you comfortable using the SeeClickFix App (via Android and iPhone by searching for The Landings Association in the respective app store) and website and are enjoying the convenience of it as much as we are!

In the event some of you receive email notifications relating to issues you did not submit, you can update your preferences so you no longer receive them. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to edit your email notifications:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on the Person Icon (My Account).
  • Select Preferences from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Email Addresses on the left of the page.
  • Click on the Gear next to the email address.
  • Select Edit Permissions from the dropdown menu.
  • You may select or deselect any and/or all email notifications you wish to receive.
  • Please Note: A checkmark in a box indicates that you wish to receive that type of email notification; a blank box indicates you have opted out of receiving that type of email notification.
  • To edit all notifications at once (either opt in or opt out of all), select the box to the right of your email address listed at the top of the list.
  • When you are finished updating your email notification selections, click the Update button.

SeeClickFix continues to work on updating its notification preference options so there are more customizable options, and we will notify you once they become available.

Please contact the Public Works Department (598-5509) if you have any questions or concerns about SeeClickFix.

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