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Access Control Facilities

The severe weather on Thursday, July 4 brought substantial lightning and rain to the community. During the storm, multiple access control facilities experienced power surges, causing damage to magnetic lane controllers, relay switches, and connectivity issues between the gates. Gates that were affected include Main Gate, Oakridge Gate, Deer Creek Village Gate, and Deer Creek McWhorter Gate. Public Works staff, in conjunction with Remote Technology, are currently troubleshooting and making the necessary repairs to restore the gates to normal operations.

2019 Community Path Project

On Wednesday, Absolute Concrete crews completed pouring the area of path from Moonbill Lane up to the Deer Creek course restroom facility on Shellwind Drive (towards Sundew Road). Additionally, the crews ensured that all construction sites were clear of debris in preparation for the Fourth of July holiday.

2019 Road Repair Project

Bennett Paving completed various road repairs this week and cleaned up construction areas in preparation for the 4th of July holiday. The contractor is scheduled to begin the partial road replacement on Shellwind Drive on Monday, July 8th from just inside the Deer Creek Village Gate to Moonbill Lane. As a reminder, Bennett Paving will mill the entry lane first and then progress to the exit lane. During this time, access will be limited to Moonbill Lane, Sundew Road, and the properties along the right side of Shellwind Drive. However, vehicular traffic is permitted to drive on the milled surface until the paving process begins. Communications on the above have been sent via e-bulletin and Swift911.

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