June 26 Board Meeting Recap

Visitor Questions

At the June 26 Landings Association Board Meeting, questions were raised from the visitor’s section regarding the Association’s Board Nomination process and the process for reporting Board Candidate Election results. Highlights of those topics are below:

Q. How does The Landings Association’s Board Nomination process work?

A. The nomination process is conducted by a Nominating Committee (five non-Board members, and two Board members) that recruits candidates to run for election to the Board. Property owners can, and do, also self-nominate. The committee explains to the candidates what is expected of them as Board Members and interviews them to learn more about them on both an individual and professional level, to determine what skills they can bring to the Board to advance the work of the Association. It is important to note that the Nominating Committee works independently from the Board and Landings Association Staff when it comes to nomination selections and interviews. However, once their work is completed, they report their findings and a slate of candidates to the Board.

Six candidates are selected to run for election, to fill three vacancies each year. You can read more about the Board Nominating Process by clicking here. As noted in that document, when selecting the six candidates, “The Committee may look at factors such as demonstrated financial or business expertise, leadership and interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, ability to think independently and work collaboratively.”

Residents are encouraged to self-nominate or recommend friends or acquaintances whom they believe would be good Board candidates. Please click here to fill out a Board Candidate Application.

Q. How are the results of The Landing Association’s Board Election tallied, and can complete vote counts be made available to all residents after each election?

A. To ensure accuracy and fairness, Holland, Bromley, Barnhill & Brett, an independent auditing firm, handles tallying the results of all Landings Association votes, including the Board Candidate Election. When paper ballots are used in addition to electronic ballots, at least one owner of record must sign the return envelope. When Landings Association Staff receive an envelope without a signature, they contact the owner to address that, before turning over the unopened envelopes to the auditing firm.(Please note, per the Covenants and Bylaws, only members in good standing, such as who are current in their Assessment, are eligible to vote. There are only a couple of dozen members not in good standing at any given time.) At the end of the vote, final results are reported to The Landings Association by the firm, which holds onto any paper ballots until January 1 and then destroys them. The Association publishes the names of the elected individuals via email and The Landings Journal. However, the Association does not publish vote totals for each candidate so as not to cause undue embarrassment to those individuals who were not elected.

Board Meeting Live Stream

The June 26 meeting was live streamed to allow an opportunity for residents unable to attend the meeting in person to attend virtually. The recording will remain posted on The Landings Association’s Facebook Group page for one month. Staff experienced a few technical difficulties while recording this first live stream, and viewers will notice a few sections that fade to black when the camera was repositioned to capture a speaker. Please bear with us as we refine our technique to bring you live coverage of the monthly Landings Association Board Meetings.

To view the June 26 Board Meeting, please join The Landings Association’s Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TLAHOA.

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