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Alleged Assault

On Saturday, June 8, a resident stopped at the Main Gate to report an alleged assault. The resident provided his version of events involving an incident which occurred between him and the driver of a white vehicle. CCPD responded and filed a report for further investigation. On Monday, June 10, the owner of the white vehicle contacted Security and provided his version of the incident. He was advised to contact Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) regarding the allegations since a police report had been filed. At this time, no charges have been filed.


Security, CES, and CCPD responded to Landings Harbor Marina on Friday, June 7, for a report of a single vehicle accident. Upon arrival, officers observed a vehicle which appeared to have run over a wooden bollard as it was wedged under the vehicle’s front bumper. The driver was identified as a resident. He stated that he was not injured and simply miscalculated the turn causing him to hit the bollard. Georgia State Patol (GSP) was contacted to conduct a Field Sobriety Test as the driver indicated that he had a few drinks earlier in the evening. Following the Field Sobriety and Breathalyzer Tests, the driver was arrested for DUI. The vehicle sustained damages to the front end and was removed via tow truck.


Security and CCPD responded to Savy Lane for a report of a single vehicle accident involving a sanitation truck on Saturday, June 8. Upon arrival, the resident who witnessed the accident stated that he was working in his yard when the sanitation truck turned onto Savy Lane, hesitated, and then sped into two pine trees while running over a Comcast and AT&T utility box. The driver advised that the brakes did not seem to engage when he made the turn. No injuries were reported; however, the vehicle sustained significant damage to the front end and was removed from the scene by a tow truck. Comcast and AT&T were notified to check their equipment. A citation for Failure to Exercise Due Care was issued to the driver.


On Wednesday, June 5, Security received a call regarding a possible scam phone call. The resident stated that her brother who also lives in the community received a phone call about him winning the Publishers Clearing House. She stated the caller claimed they would be coming to the Main Gate, and her brother wanted to make sure that Security allowed them entry. The resident was concerned for her and her brother’s safety due to their ages. The information was shared with other shifts, and no one claiming to be from the Publishers Clearing House attempted entry into the community.

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