Second Edition Skidaway Historical and Natural Sites Map Now Available

Courtesy of Sustainable Skidaway and Skidaway Audubon

How did Skidaway Island come to be, geographically and historically? Where does the island sit within various marshes and waterways? Where are the major sites on the island located? All this and more are found on a just-published, revised and expanded, second edition of the Skidaway Island Historical and Natural Sites Map. On the reverse side of the map, 25 neighboring places worthy of a visit are described and mapped.

Maps are available for a $10 donation to Skidaway Audubon at The Landings Association’s administrative office (600 Landings Way South) and at the Skidaway Island State Park office. A limited quantity of unfolded (flat) maps (18” x 27”), suitable for framing, also are available

Please email if you are interested in an unfolded map. Landlovers’ grants have supported the graphic design (by noted cartographer Michael Karpovage) and printing of both map editions.

Developed as part of the Sustainable Skidaway initiative to have The Landings certified as a sustainable community by Audubon International, the map is intended to give both residents and visitors a sense of place. Map purchases will provide continuing support for Sustainable Skidaway.


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