Fun Fact Friday

Did you know that approximately 17,600 bales of pine straw are installed on the 313 Landings Association-owned center islands each year, which improves the overall natural beauty of the community?

All Association-owned facilities and gatehouses receive a pine straw application twice per year, which is included in our landscape contract with BrightView. However, the annual center island pine straw application is a separate project that is included within the operational budget. The total cost of this year’s pine straw program is $101.309.25 and is within the operational amount of $150,500. The balance of the line item funds processes not included in our annual landscape contract including, pruning, hydroseeding, and planting for the center islands. Over the last 12 years, the pine straw program has been overseen by the Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Center Island Committee.

Take a look at the video below, which shows crews installing pine straw as part of the BrightView contract, before moving on to the center island work.

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