Preservation of Shell Middens in The Landings

Courtesy of the Public Works Department

There are so many beautiful, historical features located in The Landings – some of which go unseen or unnoticed. One of these natural hidden beauties are shell middens located along the barrier islands and coasts of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.Shell middens are groupings of oyster shells, bones, soil, and other artifacts left behind by early native tribes. Oysters, specifically, were an extremely important source of food for coastal Indians. After their discarded shells were mixed in with lime and sand, they created tabby, a southern coastal building material used by European settlers.

These sites are protected on private and state properties by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and should not be removed or disturbed (Pursuant to OCGA 12-3-52 et seq., OCGA 12-3-80 et seq., OCGA 12-3-621 et seq. and OCGA 31-21-6 et seq.).  Additional information and laws that govern preservation and archaeology programs and projects in Georgia can be found here

Let’s continue to enjoy and preserve these natural archeological sites within our community!

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